The Story behind The scenes or the story of the look I’ve been always a fan of “the making” Programs. I used to think that every beautiful scene or shoot has a story. Those shoots taken yesterday by the Help of My sweet Hub actually my Whole family was involved in the story.

I am invited to a wedding .Finally after years of just attending the preparations with my Brides I have a chance to be an invitee. Literally as a mother of 2 i had no time to think about my look& what to wear but still like any lady i am happy & i wanted a look that could change my mood for a couple of days Hopefully 😛

Friday is here, As any Mother I knew what my kids gonna wear & I had no clue what to wear & what style of makeup to apply. I wake up as a normal day To enjoy some me time 🙂 before sunrise & the journey to my look started. I figured out that i had a dress that I bought the year before that ii liked so much & i only used it while i was pregnant with my second bay .So problem solved I wanted a comfy shoes I Know will run after my kids & I will Hold them for a long time so i will just wear my boots .That’s great

Kids wake up as usual also before sunrise. Felt Overwhelmed doing the breakfast & the chores of the day .on my mind, I was hoping that my babies, both of them, could sleep for just half an hour to dress myself. My 3 Yrs boy – The little artist – was excited about attending the wedding he got tulle to make me look like a bride He puts a veil on my hair & covered a part of my face & said “now You are the most beautiful Bride” ….I can’t tell How happy I was ……now I wanted to color my nails he insisted to help me. We settled for an agreement that he could polish my toes & I will do my fingers. Just because I know what will happen …………. As expected he painted my toes not just my toenails …. I planned to get of the extra polish later but it was not my priority right then .My Priority was taking the agreement to the next level. Which is I have to take over the nail Polish to color my fingernails .After a very long time of negotiating the concept that we already had a previous agreement? ……..He handed me the little bottle after I agreed that he will help me  to wear my make up ……….. What did I do !!!!!!!!!!!! Another agreement & I have to know exactly what to let him do ….I will have no enough time to change what is done. Finally Me & the nail Polish .I painted & painted while both of my kids on my lap watching & so curious to touch my new colored fingers

Finally My Baby girl took her first nap. It was Only 8:00 in the morning .That is my opportunity I think that it could be my last one thru the whole day. I will do my makeup now with just one kid around ……
With my kit around and of course the 3 years old artist, I wanted an easy Glamorous look ….. I know I could have like 10 minutes to make everything …..
Mac Liquid foundation (It just compliments my skin)
Anastasia Beverly hills Contouring palette? (Perfect for everything) with Sigma Brushes
Now I Have to decide the look of my eyes I wanted something fast easy to apply & still wanted to make a huge statement

12299346_1029038427148643_7574674584478069415_nI choose the Calrins palette so reliable I picked one color. I wanted sth fast, so I will go for one color eyeshadow I wanted sth not brown nor dark …. I choose a reddish copper eyeshadow …. It just was a s perfect as Meg Ryan Find her new nail Polish Color in “The Women “I felt my life is changing using a color that I’ve always used just for blending .I felt that my whole life is changing. Yes Seriously ….. I felt glamorous , Diva , Fashionista , Name whatever you think .But that out of the box choice really felt amazing … I just wanted to be the cover girl  That is how it felt ……… Now I wanted to someone to take my photos …. I thought of my husband ………& that is another story